Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pizza Crust

So, I made the pizza again tonight, and while I won't add the recipe again, I'll add some more pictures of the pizza while it's fresh.
I also added an image of the crust itself before the toppings are added. I find that it's important to make sure that the crust is cooked well enough at first that it doesn't sog, but that it's not overcooked so that it gets too tough or burnt. I felt like this was a little too cooked, but actually worked well. I just made sure to only cook the pizza with toppings for 10 minutes longer, so as to melt the cheese and warm everything through.
As you can see, we have to sometimes do things half and half for my four-year-old who doesn't want too many toppings. She prefers just cheese, but I have found that if I have too many toppings on one side, and just cheese on a part, that the cheese gets quite browned, so it needs to be more evened out, so here I put the pepperoni on, just to pick it off for her later. It kept the pizza cooking more evenly.

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