Sunday, May 4, 2008


I've realized that all flours are not created equally. I switched brands of rice flour because of convenience, and am not happy with the current brand I have. I bought the Arrowhead Mills white rice flour because that was available at the closest grocery store, as opposed to the Indian brand I typically use (which name escapes me now because I don't have a package handy). The old brand was much finer, and so I liked the results it produced much better.
I find it funny that this is on my mind since just a few years ago, I'd never even heard of rice flour, or anything other than good old all-purpose flour. Maybe I'd heard the distinction between "wheat flour" and "white flour", but now find that to be a bit paradoxical. Which reminds me of another tangent. This scene in "Stranger than Fiction" struck a chord with me. When Harold brings Anna flours. I of course loved the wordplay, and thought it was so sweet and personalized for a baker. And, it reminded me of me. I have at least ten flours in my kitchen at any given time, not to mention the various mixes I keep around. This whole celiac thing has certainly opened my eyes to a lot of variety out there. And, it's really exciting in many ways. So, hope you enjoy my little non-sequitor. Sorry there's no recipe attached.

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Natalie said...

What a cute blog! I just found it today. It looks like you have a lot of great recipes here. And this is an adorable post! :)